Third Draft

Well the good news is that I’m in a better place now than I was when I wrote last.
I’m just starting my third draft this week and I’ve worked out what I need to do with the opening and I’ll get to it later this week.
My second draft proved to be an odd beast; after the zippy prologue the pace slows too much but from around page 50 it bursts back into life and I’m much happier with it, making fewer notes on each page as the story progresses. In summary, there’s an early chapter that needs a complete rewrite and there’s a later chapter that needs some editing/rewriting to address a pacing issue, but for the most part it’s reading better than I had feared it would and I’m very pleased with the final half of the book that builds nicely to an exciting climax.
It’s been interesting that my writing reads much better once I reached the chapters that didn’t include the writing I produced on the Random House Creative Writing course I did in the autumn. It proved a useful starting point but I don’t think there’ll be too many of the course exercises’ words left by the final draft.

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