Anxious times

Good news: I finished the latest draft of When She Was Bad this week and I’ve decided that it’s about time I let a few other people read it and give me their feedback. I thought that this would feel like a huge, liberating achievement but it’s actually quite a nerve wracking one; up until now, I’m the only person who has read the 300+ pages (aside from a few short pieces I completed on my Random House course last year) so this is its first time out in the wild on its own.
And that’s a wee bit scary. As my wife will tell anyone who will listen, I don’t take criticism particularly well, so I’m going to have to listen and learn what people think if I’m going grow as a writer before publishing this for real.
It’s gone out to four people who I hope can give me the constructive feedback I need to finish it.  I’ve asked them for feedback on the overall impression it leaves - does the story make sense? Is there anything that reads poorly? Are the characters clear and consistently portrayed? Do their motivations and actions ring true? Are there any howling plot holes? Where (and how) can it be improved?
That kind of thing. Anything they can think of. Oh, and did they enjoy it? That’s probably the one that matters most to me.
It’ll be interesting to see what comes back. It will be a somewhat anxious time waiting to find out. It’s a bit like sending your child off to school for their first day then sitting nervously watching the clock until it’s time to find out how they cope on their own.

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