When She Was Bad update now available

Unfortunately there were a few typos and other small errors in the initial Kindle release of When She Was Bad. Sadly these are inevitable with self-publishing and hopefully they haven’t proven too distracting to early readers. Maybe that first release should be renamed When Neil’s Proofreading Was Bad...
With the help of Jenny ‘Hawkeye’ Bailey, Tina ‘Sherlock’ Pugh, Nit-picking Paul Price and Dan Detail-Smith I’ve made a number of small corrections and a free update is now available. The story is exactly the same and only some individual words and punctuation errors have been changed - don’t feel compelled to update if you’re happy with what you’ve got. Any new purchases from hereon will be the updated version.
If you want the update, please go to your Amazon home page on your computer (you can’t do it from the device) and select Manage Your Content and Devices from the Your Account drop down menu. To the right of When She Was Bad you’ll see the Update Available button. Click this and then Update and the new version will replace the old in your Amazon library. This will then automatically load when you next open the book on your device(s).
Fingers crossed, the updated version will be available as a paperback edition shortly. It will be on Amazon for £7.99 in the UK, $9.99 in the US and €9.00 in Europe. I had hoped it would be cheaper but the Amazon/CreateSpace prices are understandably quite high for such short print runs.

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