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I did something impetuous on Monday: I decided to publish my novel.
After a few months of tweaking this and changing that, I realised I was getting jaded with the constant tinkering and re-reading (and re-re-reading). What’s more, I heard over the weekend that two of my Early Readers were going to be unable to review their copies until later in the summer, which was understandable (given their work) but a little disappointing for me. I was getting impatient.
So I decided to just go ahead and publish, to take an iterative, ‘Agile’ approach to publishing and put it out there and then I can make any further refinements based upon some reader feedback. ‘Crowd-editing’, if you like. I didn’t do any clever promotion stuff, just told friends on Facebook that it was available - the marketing I can do later when I also have a print version to sell alongside the digital one.
I checked the Amazon Kindle guidelines on submitting amended versions and all was okay with making small changes and revisions, so if I correct stuff anyone who buys it now will get an email telling them when a revised edition is available if they want it (and at no extra cost). I can’t see a downside.
So now friends (and other Amazon customers) can buy When She Was Bad for Kindle (and Kindle Apps for other platforms) and if those guys read the book over the next month or so and send me some feedback that will be the final step in completing my first book.
Click this link if you would like to order When She Was Bad

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  1. I met Terry Beasley today and we are reading it almost simultaneously. I've just got to chapter 8, he's a few pages beyond. We'd love to catch up with you in town - I will email some dates


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